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March, 2011

chorkIf you own or manage a Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vienamese or Thai restaurant, you have undoubtedly observed the unfortunate "chopstick calamaties" that are perpetually played out among customers.

Sweet and sour pork being raised to the lips only to meet an untimely demise on the carpet.  Frustrated patrons gathering mere morsels of rice with each passing pinch.  Dim Sum in the mouth-some in the lap.  Poor souls (and children) who have courageously strayed from burger shacks and pizza joints to test the waters of Asian cuisine are either rewarded with a  “chopstick rite of passage” or abused with a cyclical and unsuccessful game of crab grab.

Of course, waiters and regulars know this routine all too well.  Indeed, chopstick spying is a regular pastime among those who have mastered the art.  For those not quite as fortunate, a venerable miracle is on the horizon.  Thanks to Utah’s Brown Innovation Group, fork-loving folks and fair-weather chopstick fans may soon enjoy the perfect eating utensil at Asian restaurants-a Chork.

Combining a fork, chopsticks and a trainer/cheater configuration for the novice, this patented three-way eating utensil is a welcome and intriguing option for every type of customer.  Noodles can now be gathered with greater efficiency.  Pot-stickers can finally be grasped with more confidence.  And children can enjoy a fun and captivating alternative to traditional chopsticks.

Despite the Chork’s inexpensive and disposable nature, this is one revolutionary utensil that will likely head home with patrons before heading to the trash.

The Chork is cost-effective for restaurateurs and engaging for everyone from chopstick aficionados to virtual newbies.  Unlike anything currently on the market, the Chork is an innovative and unique product that will certainly stand the test of time-perhaps even longer than its predecessor!

For more information, visit, call 877-424-6757 or stop by  NRA 2012 Booth #5939.


Manufactured by Brown Innovation Group, Inc.

Brown Innovation Group, Inc./ The Chork
2602 South 3270 West
West Valley City,Utah 84119
P. 801-886-0606

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