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Hidden Villa Ranch Debuts Custom Cage Free Foodservice Programs
March, 2011

hiddenvillaFoodservice operators have answered consumer calls for more humane products with the increased use of cage free eggs.  While these humanely produced products please their customers, they can cause complications for everyone from chefs to buyers to logistics managers. 

In order to aid foodservice operators in providing more humane products to their customers, Hidden Villa Ranch is now offering custom foodservice programs.  With the ability to create custom products, build delivery schedules, and provide exceptional customer service, Hidden Villa Ranch can design cage-free liquid and shell egg programs that are suited to the specific needs of foodservice operators. 

Hidden Villa Ranch owes their flexibility and adaptability to their national distribution network and the addition of a new processing facility.  With trucks constantly crossing the continent and relationships with distributors throughout the United States, Hidden Villa Ranch is able to make deliveries to any location—be it warehouse or distributor—on the customer’s schedule.  Their new state-of-the-art facility has the ability to produce custom product blends and is certified by American Humane, Orthodox Union Kosher, and Quality Assurance International for USDA Organic products.

Although the custom foodservice programs are new for Hidden Villa Ranch, the principals behind it have been the backbone of the company for years. “While these custom programs are new in response to the changes in the foodservice industry and animal welfare movement, our history of customer service and our focus on developing individual solutions really lend themselves to these programs,” said Michael Sencer, Executive Vice President of Hidden Villa Ranch.

Hidden Villa Ranch has been distributing shell eggs and egg products to the foodservice industry for over 20 years, but has now expanded into a full line of both commodity and specialty eggs and egg products with frozen or fresh whole eggs, sugared egg yolk, egg whites (with or without sugar, salt, whipping agent and/or with citric acid) packaged in pails, cartons, bag-in-boxes, totes, or tankers.

For more information, contact Hidden Villa Ranch at 800-326-3220 or visit them on the web at

Hidden Villa Ranch
3191 Temple Ave, Suite 225
Pomona,California 91768
P. 800-326-3220

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