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Why the Worlds Best Clubs, Restaurants and Hotels Stand by KOLD-DRAFT
November, 2009


KOLD-DRAFT was the first, and is still the best top-shelf ice machine system on the market. Today, KOLD-DRAFT ice is the standard in the cocktail industry. Their exclusive "upside-down" horizontal evaporator ice making system gives you pure, clear ice that melts slower and keeps drinks colder longer than anything else on the market.

KOLD-DRAFT ice is the slowest melting - critically important for most beverages. Less meltage and even cube shapes help to maintain carbonation in soft drinks and reduces drink dilution. Also, it lasts longer in storage bins, cocktail sinks, drinks, salad bars, coolers and on cold plates.

Every ice cube is the same; there are no deep depressions or odd shapes. KOLD-DRAFT ice melts more slowly and is almost as pure as distilled water. Ice produced is purer than the supply water. In a recent Penn State University study, KOLD-DRAFT exceeded the purity of all competitors and contained the lowest amount of calcium carbonate of all tested machines.

KOLD-DRAFT features a wide-range of ice machines, bins, crushers and dispensers capable of producing from 300 to 2,400 pounds of pure ice per day. KOLD-DRAFT ice machines are engineered to be self-cleaning and produce clear ice that is free from impurities. You don't have to spend extra money on expensive water filtration equipment, maintaining self-cleaning systems or replacement filters.

With more than fifty years of time-proven design, KOLD-DRAFT ice machines are compatible with new and old KOLD-DRAFT cubers, crushers, dispensers and bins. Many of the parts are interchangeable between models as well, so on the rare occasion that it needs serviced, a KOLD-DRAFT ice machine is much easier to fix.

KOLD-DRAFT ice machines have a longer product life cycle, lasting two or three times longer than competitive machines when properly maintained. Ice machines lasting 15, 20, or even 30 years are not uncommon.

For additional information contact KOLD-DRAFT direct, 800-840-9577 or visit

KDIndustries, Inc.
1525 East Lake Rd.
P. (814) 453-6761
F. (814) 455-6336

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