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ChowNow - Reinventing Online and Mobile Ordering for Restaurants
Christopher Webb
ChowNow, LLC
April, 2012

FoodserviceDailyNews: Tell us about your product.

Christopher Webb: ChowNow is an online food ordering platform built for the mobile and social era.
Our feature products are the:

o Facebook Ordering App (Take orders directly through your Facebook page.)
o Mobile App Building Platform (Customized iPhone, iPad ordering apps)
o Website Ordering Widget (Take orders through your existing website.)
o ChowNow Network Tablet (Placed within the restaurant to receive orders, and to communicate back to the customer when it will be ready.)

FDN: What separates your company from the competition?

CW: We’re reinventing online ordering!
o Quick Setup
o Affordable
o Enterprise-Grade

Most online ordering systems were built many years ago.  They weren’t designed for the mobile and social revolution.  ChowNow was designed specifically with mobile apps and social networks in mind. 

Currently more smartphones are being sold than PC’s, and this trend will not only continue, but dramatically increase.  

FDN: Who is your target audience/demographic?

CW: We build our products for restaurants, both small and large.  The product is priced in such a way that any restaurant can afford, and profit from the platform.  Also, despite using some very sophisticated technologies to power ChowNow, anyone can use it. 

FDN: Why would I buy your product?

CW: Frankly, because your customers are demanding it.  The mega-chains, (think Chipotle or Domino’s), have already developed their own ordering apps.  They are making a killing and their customers are loving them!  It just makes ordering takeout or delivery that much more simple...and FUN!  What we’re seeing is that customers are migrating to restaurants purely out of convenience.  Restaurants who don’t keep up will eventually lose out.

FDN: How will my business benefit from using your product?

CW: There are a number of benefits, but they all point to additional revenue, increased efficiency, and enhanced customer loyalty.  Additionally we’re seeing a lot of repeat business from customers.  I think that speaks volumes towards the convenience factor.

FDN: What makes your product the best?

CW: OUR TEAM!  ChowNow is comprised of individuals from Google, OpenTable, and Seamless.  We’ve spent a lot of time building tech products for the restaurant industry and all those years of experience helped build ChowNow. 
Also, a major contributing factor is our restaurant and diner relationships.  We do all we can to ensure our restaurant partners are successful and that their customers get the best experience possible.

FDN: How much does ChowNow cost?

CW: One of our motto’s is; “Fast, Easy and Affordable, Just What Online Ordering Should Be.”  With that in mind, our costs are:

o $199 Setup Fee (Includes ChowNow Network Tablet)
o $89 Flat Monthly Fee - Covers everything; custom built iPhone and iPad apps, Facebook ordering app, menu/ordering widget for your website, and data fees to keep the tablet running 24/7/365. 
o No Per Order Fees
o No Contract
o Absolutely No Cost to the Customer (Patron)

We are looking forward to meeting everyone and showcasing our product at the 2012 NRA Show!  Come see us at Booth #5667!


Christopher Webb

ChowNow, LLC
1520 2nd St.
Santa Monica,California 90401
P. 888-707-CHOW

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