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Kitchen Innovations Interview
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Turbo Pot: Winner of the 2009 Kitchen Innovation Award at NRA 2009!
An Interview with Lee Huang, President
Eneron, Inc.
April, 2010

FSDN: Tell us about your product.

LH:  Cooking over a gas range is still the basic cooking process in commercial kitchens; however, the process is not efficient.  Turbo Pot is the first product of its kind to address the energy efficiency of cookware that is made to be used over a gas range. The unique heat exchange channels in the base of the cookware improve the energy transfer from the hot flame to the cookware, thereby reducing cooking time and energy usage.  Depending on the type of range burner used, our product can shorten the heating time by almost half.  This dramatic result has been verified through testing by The PG&E Foodservice Technology Center and utility companies. Turbo Pot won the Kitchen Innovation Award at 2009 NRA show.  We received great feedback from the customers who use Turbo Pot, and our new products are gaining traction in the market place.  Major national chain restaurants are adopting the new technology and using  our products which are made from high quality stainless steel with an aluminum base and heat exchange channels.  Sizes range from small sauce pans to large size stock pots, and we also produce aluminum frying pans for fast cooking.

FSDN: Why would I buy your products?

LH:   Depending upon who you are, the reason for buying the Turbo Pot may be slightly different.   For business owners who want to save some money on their energy bills and improve their business’ bottom line, this is a very good investment.  For example, if your burner is rated at 30,000 BTUs, a moderate 30% savings of 10,000 BTUs can save you over $100 per year if you only use the pot three hours per day. This is hard earned, after tax dollars you are saving.  One national chain restaurant using Turbo Pot should save over $500k a year and another chain should save over $1M annually using Turbo Pot.  If you are a chef, you will enjoy the time savings and the performance of our new cookware.  No more “watched pot never boils” feeling.  Effectively, you are cooking on an upgraded range with double the BTUs.  If you are interested in saving money and energy while doing something good for the environment, Turbo Pot is for you.  At the same time, we feel good providing this efficiency solution to our customers.

FSDN: Where can we buy your new pots?

LH:   We are currently working with Dealers around the country, such as Bargreen Ellingson and East Bay Restaurant Supply, to deliver our products to you. Turbo Pot is also being promoted by energy utility companies and energy conservation organizations in some parts of the country. For example, Energy Trust of Oregon is promoting the Turbo Pot in Oregon State and Washington State by providing rebate incentives for commercial customers. Let us know if you would like to try our products, and we will work with your local dealer to deliver Turbo Pots to you.  Come see us at the NRA conserve booth area. We would love to find out more about your business and how we can help better serve you.

Visit us at Booth #677 at NRA 2010

Eneron, Inc.
550 Irven Court
Palo Alto,California 94306
P. 650.930.9993

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