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Going Green And Still Making Green
An Interview with Lauren Gropper, Chief Executive Officer
Repurpose Compostables
May, 2010

Foodservice Daily News: What makes Repurpose, LLC different from other compostable companies.?

Lauren Gropper: We are focused on offering premium compostable food service products currently underserved in the market, in addition to products that customers are already familiar with. Our interest is in innovating new lines and coming up with greener alternatives. Take for instance our brand new 100% compostable insulated hot cup. This cup requires no sleeve and is insulated so you don't have to double cup hot beverages and yet still can be composted in 90 days. This is the greenest coffee or tea cup on the market now and that is our goal.  Also we are green activists first and will continue to be associated with cool green initiatives like our partners Reverb, who green music tours for the likes of Maroon 5.

FSDN:  Your a new company. How long have you been in business and how did you get started?

LG: We founded our company over a year ago in the interest of coming up with greener alternatives to what was on the market. I am a green architectural consultant and was producing the Planet Green show Alter Eco for actor Adrian Grenier.  In my research I was not satisfied with what was available so I found some partners who were interested in pioneering a new line in this space. Our VP of Product Development Brian Chung came from the plastics industry and our CMO Corey Scholibo came from the product marketing space with clients like Tiffany & Co.  We felt we had found a good team.

FSDN: How will businesses benefit from using your product?

LG: Businesses are just beginning to catch on to what switching to green products can do for them. This is tough economic time still and we get that, but consumer are way ahead of businesses in this area. They are concerned not only with the environment but also their own health and safety. The marketing value that comes from showing your customers that you have made the switch is worth it. Look at the new Sun Chips bag for instance.  We use our unique design and marketing to help businesses sell this to their customers and get the most out of their dollar.

Repurpose Compostables
269 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles,California 90012
P. (877) 468-5833

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