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Biocompostables in the Food Service Industry
An Interview with Deven Young, Director of Strategic Accounts
World Centric
December, 2009

Your green products are creating a lot of buzz in the food service industry - can you tell us about them?
Our products are the "green alternative" to food service disposables made from Styrofoam and plastic. Our customers love our compostable products because they are just as durable and strong as the plastic and Styrofoam alternatives - yet our products are made from annually renewable, environmentally-friendly resources like sugarcane fiber, wheat straw fiber and corn starch. Our products are sustainable, non-polluting and consumers are beginning to expect them in their corporate cafeterias, restaurants, schools - basically anywhere disposables are commonly used. Many consumers don't even want to see Styrofoam or plastic disposables anymore, all because they are aware of our cleaner, green alternative products.

Why replace Styrofoam & Plastic?
Products made from Styrofoam and plastic can take hundreds of years to degrade, which means we will continue to fill our landfills and pollute our oceans and streams with trash for many years. Our green disposables are 100-percent compostable and consumers are uniting around the fact that our products are non-polluting and can be composted and disposed of in a way that is safe for the environment, and they will completely biodegrade within 30-180 days.

The development of our biocompostables is a step towards sustainability. We are reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by 30-50 percent in the production of our biocompostables when compared with Styrofoam and plastics. We are using bio-based annually renewable agricultural resources with no harmful health effects - as opposed to petroleum-based non-renewable plastics and Styrofoam.

How does the pricing of your products compare to current plastic and Styrofoam products?
Our corn starch clear products such as cold cups, deli containers, straws, etc. are very comparable in pricing to existing PET and PP plastic products. Our sugarcane or wheat straw fiber products - clamshells, bowls and plates - are often cheaper than similar weight and quality paper products. Though these products are currently more expensive than Styrofoam, the price difference is similar to the price difference between plastic or paper products when compared with Styrofoam. As the demand for these compostable products grows, and as there are more technical innovations, we expect pricing to come down even further and as well become competitive with Styrofoam

Why should businesses use your products?
More and more consumers wish to live their lives in the most responsible manner, and one of the things they are doing is demanding change in the way companies do business. They want businesses to be aware of their environmental impact and to do everything they can to reduce that impact - and they are willing to send that message by using their pocketbook.

Our Biocompostable products are a true step toward creating a cleaner and smaller environmental footprint for businesses. Consumers really believe that a business using compostable disposables is a business working to achieve real change. It is good for the financial bottom line and a win for the environment as well. We believe these products are the future and we hope to see a large scale shift to these products over the coming years.

World Centric

World Centric
2121 Staunton Court
Palo Alto,California 94306
P. 650-283-3797
F. 866-850-9732

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